Linguistic Institute

18-29 August 2008


The Linguistic Institute in the Old World (OWLi) will provide a forum to discuss descriptive and theoretical approaches to theoretical linguistics and psycholinguistics. The event will offer a range of credit courses on the model of the Generative Linguistics of the Old World GLOW. In addition there will be two workshops where students will be presenting their own current work.


N E W S :

12/9/2008 You can see some of the pictures of OWLi here. We'd like to thank the contributions by Theo, Natalia and Bostjan. If you want your pictures to be included, you can send them to me in an attached file.

30/8/2008 Tomorrow you will look forward to the future, but memories will always tell you that once past was real. Barcelona 2008 was a new gift to your memories. Vincent

29/8/2008 If you need a letter specifying all the courses, send an email saying which courses you took. If any of you was absent the last days and didn't get the general certificate, you can ask for this and we'll send it through regular mail.

14/8/2008 The organizing committee welcomes you to Barcelona. We wish you a pleasant stay in the city during this event

14/8/2008 The weather is cooling down in Barcelona lately, so we hope to have a pleasant weather next week

12/8/2008 All classrooms for courses and workshops have a computer and a projector, so you only need to bring a pen drive to make your presentations

8/8/2008 There will a computer room at classroom 202 (second floor), where you can access internet during the linguistic institute.

7/8/2008 We'll deliver a certificate after completion of courses. Certificates will be mainly based on attendance.

1/8/2008 Registration at the Linguistic Institute will take place at the venue on the 18th august, from 8:00 to 9:00. We have already located all the rooms for courses and workshops

27/6/2008 The organizing committee has decided to accept inscriptions to the workshops only on site,  because of logistic matters. If this is inconvenient to anybody, please, let us know

27/6/2008 We are glad to announce that Kleanthes Grohmann is going to replace Esther Torrego. He will be teaching a class on Minimalism

9/6/2008 If you like, you can download a poster of the event  on a link here

28/5/2008 We'll issue letters of participation at the summer school to get visas until 15th june 2008. We encourage you to keep this deadline.

26/5/2008 You can browse the programs of the workshops "Facing Movement" and "Meeting Clitics". You can find it at the events section. If you find any errors on the spelling or authors, please let us know.

16/4/2008 The organization of the linguistic institute can offer accommodation during the workshops. Check the accommodation section

14/4/2008 If you only intend to attend the workshops, now you can register at the workshops

14/4/2008 The workshops will last two days: 23rd-24th august 2008

6/4/2008 A schedule of the courses has been posted at the courses section.

5/4/2008The tuition waivers have been granted to: Mercedes Marcilese (Brazil) and Alexandra Simonenko (Russia)


Organizing Committee:

Aoife Ahern (UCM), Lisa Brunetti (UPF), Linda Escobar (UNED), Anna Gavarró (UAB), María Junkal Gutiérrez Mangado (EHU), Cristóbal Lozano (UG), Vicenç Torrens (UNED)


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