psycholinguistics institute

The Psycholinguistics Institute in Madrid is a project to promote the study of language with experimental methods. We do research on language acquisition, language processing and language disorders. We primarily work on the acquisition of morphosyntax. We have published on the acquisition of agreement, aspect, clitics, mood, tense and quantifiers.

Events on related topics are usually organized from the people involved into the psycholinguistic institute: So far we have hosted the Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition Conference, the Experimental Psycholinguistics Conference,  the Romance Turn, Facing Movement, Meetings Clitics, and the Barcelona Linguistic Institute. You can browse the events section to check out the next events. Last events that took place were the "Experimental Psycholinguistics Conference" and "the Workshop on Specific Language Impairment".

Our Work has appeared as books in different series of John Benjamins, Peter Lang, Kluwer, Prentice Hall and Cambridge Scholars Publishing, or as articles in journals like "Language Acquisition" or "Memory and Cognition". Next event taking place is the Experimental Psycholinguistics Conference in 2015.


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Lastest news

  • Experimental Psycholinguistics Conference. New Call for papers

    A new call for papers has been sent for next edition of the conference, which will take place in October 2015 in Madrid. For more information, please, read the link below.

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  • New Publication on Language Processing

    A new book has been published after the last edition of the conference: V. Torrens & L. Escobar (eds.) (2014) The Processing of Lexicon and Morphosyntax. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

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